This Seasons Forecast...What's Trending for 2015?

Cascading Bouquets 

Nowadays when someone mentions the words “cascading bouquet” you think of the 1980s and Princess Diana. However, these masterpieces are making a come back. Just like those high wasted jeans youve hung on to for the past 30 some years, the cascading floral bouquet is back and better then ever! A Cascading bouquet solves a lot of heartache for a planner and her bride because you always want the brides bouquet to standout! Even for a small wedding that might only have one or two attendants, the bride should always be distinctive. The Clover Girls think this is definitely a trend we will be seeing much more of this year. This bouquet is perfect for the modern bride trying to define her classical romantic theme.  Done right, this bouquet can beautifully achieve an unparalleled whimsical feel to fill the night with romance and magic

Succulents are like Burberry Raincoats...

Personally, succulents are like a Burberry raincoat that you can wear both during the summer or winter and look completely in season and classic.  For some reason I have always associated succulents with a spring or summer look but certainly not fall. I’m telling the world that I was wrong. 2015 is going to open up succulents to the whole world because of one major color trend…. “Marsala.” The new color may seem perplexing and dark but the color has been around forever!  I love it because it is a bold combination of burgundy, purple, and red. In my opinion, Marsala is the IT color for this year and I cannot wait to explore the multitude of ways to creatively integrate both this color and succulents into our weddings. Now back to where the succulents come in. With this dark bold color is a stunning accent to this color scheme!  Incorporate succulents, pull in some lighter accents and this amazing color and flower can turn “marsala” into a sophisticated, soft but at the same time bold theme equally appropriate to have in any season.  

Floral Crowns are making a Come Back

To be completely honest, when I think of a “floral crown” I think of hippies or a very bohemian bride who made a floral crown with lazy susans she found in a field. However, they seem to be making a turn toward the lux bride who wants to be different and make a fashion statement. When done right by a talented florist, floral crowns can bring a bride to life. I would consider myself more of a traditionalist when it comes to my personal bridal style so a floral crown might be a bit too scary a risk for me.  However, for those of you brides out there that share my opinion...fear not! You can have your cake and eat it too! By incorporating a floral crown into your engagement photos, having your bridesmaids adorn them or perhaps ditching your veil at the reception. An understated floral crown is just the solution for us traditional girls!  

Well thats all for right now... Be on the look out for HOT TRENDS from the Clover Girls