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If you are considering Clover & Company for your next corporate event, wedding or party, you should just sign them on while you can - they are incredible and worth every single penny (and more)! I recently worked with Kimberly and Stephanie of Clover & Company to plan a corporate fundraising event. The event started as a small shell of an idea and they pulled all of the stops to turn it into a world class, dazzling event that not only created buzz for our cause, but also established our organization’s presence in our community. I am forever grateful for their personal commitment to making our event come together.

Before the initial meeting, I was very hesitant to spend the money to hire planners. I am an attorney, a business owner and a mom. I am used to multi-tasking and managing events and people, so I thought I could handle all details of the event planning like I do other projects. I was wrong. Very wrong. Yes, I could have handled the details, but the quality of the event and my ability to actually participate in the fundraising efforts would have been severely hampered without Clover & Co.
At our initial meeting, Kimberly and Stephanie made promises of delivery a jaw dropping event that would move guests to support our efforts to end domestic violence. Kimberly and Stephanie went above and beyond to honor every promise. You can trust Clover & Company.
During the planning stage, I was continuously amazed. Problems always had solutions. Details were handled with ease. It was like working with a dream team. They made magic happen!
Then the actual event happened. After 3 short months of planning, Clover & Company pulled off a dazzling, world class event that exceeded ALL expectations thanks to the tireless efforts of these true professionals. This is not an exaggeration - these ladies work so hard. Kimberly and Stephanie are examples of resourcefulness, professionalism and dedication. I highly recommend them for any and every event.
— Desiree Noisette
I’ve worked with Stephanie in both corporate and personal events. Being in the ‘creative’ and event business as part of my career, I was immediately impressed with the approach and understanding Stephanie took in managing an event. The key to a successful event is to identify all the key attributes desired and configure the plan accordingly versus a vanilla approach that doesn’t offer uniqueness or address the desired outcome. Stephanie naturally hones in on the core of the business to pave the path to a memorable event. She is a smart business woman with personality and class. She is a wonderful person to engage with from inception to event day. Stephanie is first in mind for me when I’m seeking real talent that will make a difference for the events I’m managing.
— Shelia Reed
“Choosing to work with Stephanie and Kimberly was hands down the best decision I made when it came to planning my wedding. I felt I had the general direction and idea of what I wanted, but no clue how to pull it all together. The Clover Girls made my dream wedding come to life! They were there for me throughout the process - to answer any questions I may have, no matter how small, and to guide me in selecting the best vendors in order to achieve the overall look I’d hoped for. In addition, Clover was there to see that the big day went off without a hitch! The wedding day was absolutely perfect, completely exceeding my expectations, and I credit Stephanie and Kimberly fully for this as they handled all the little details so that there was nothing for me to worry about. The day went so smoothly and everyone was able to relax and have fun (including the bride), which is what your special day is all about. Having Clover & Company there to support and guide us each step of the way was invaluable. I highly recommend Steph and Kim at to all brides-to-be!”
— Brook
“When I first got engaged, my mom and I decided to find a planner. I emailed over 15 planners in the area, but Stephanie Crona and Kimberly Gosselin responded right away, which to me, was a HUGE PLUS. We met with her and Kimberly and signed up immediately. They literally helped us every step of the way, from vendor selections, making that decision when there were just too many options on the plate, and calming me on those stressful situations. A true talent for the job. Stephanie and Kim deserve all the praise in the world. My now *husband* and I could have not had the wedding of our dreams without them by our side. They are personable and friendly, but remain 100% professional and will not allow anyone to walk over HER BRIDE. They know what classy, elegance and beauty is - and are not afraid to tell you that your idea is “eh maybe not the best selection for the overall look”... which to be honest is what you’ll NEED while planning a wedding. They are truthful and pleasant.The Clover Girls respond to all emails and correspondence promptly. They text, call, and email so you’re sure to have all the bases covered.
Probably the BEST investment that we made in terms of our wedding”
— Rebekah
“We used Clover & Company Weddings and Events as our wedding planner. They were wonderful! Only a phone call away and so easy to get in touch with. Their ideas, help, and suggestions were exactly what we needed. I can’t imagine our day without them. I would recommend the Clover Girls to every bride!”

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