Brides, Brains, and Business

Now you know the Clover Girls but do you really KNOW them? Brides, Brains, and Business! This post is dedicated for you to get to know the Clover girls better and see how they manage to conquer the 3 B's with style, poise, and professionalism. Event planning is no cake walk. In order to become a success in this industry, not only do you need experience but you also need the brains as well. 

Step 1 - Getting to know the Girls 

Stephanie graduated from Florida State University and immediately entered the Hospitality Industry as the Hospitality Operations Manager for a luxury real estate developer.  Stephanie was responsible for the coordination and execution of lavish events all over the country and the Caribbean for high profile clientele.  She soon experienced firsthand the creativity of wedding planning during her own wedding planning process and her love of events only grew stronger. Having been featured in The Knot Magazine, Style Me Pretty, Style Me Pretty Florida, June Bug Weddings, Brides Florida, and Tampa Bay Weddings Magazine just to name a few. 

Kimberly attended Florida State University majoring in Business Marketing and Political Science and then transferring to the University of South Florida to capitalize on a once in a life time academic opportunity. An honors graduate, Kimberly was selected to intern at the Supreme Court of the United States in Washington D.C. After her internship she attended the University of Massachusetts Law School at which time she decided to pursue her passion to take the spotlight in the corporate world of Public Relations and Event Planning. She then transferred to Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island, the mecca of event planning the following fall. She graduated with honors and received her Masters of Business Administration from JWU. Kimberly prides herself on her innate ability to combine the most classic elements with the newest trends. Her unique vision continually enables her to always produce a one of a kind event. And her extensive educational background from the private sector to the public sector ensures perfection.

Step 2 - The Magic Combo 

Stephanie's impeccable reputation and experience rivals the best of the best in event planning. However, she is humbled and is often quoted as saying "Every time I plan an event, I learn something new." Kimberly's extensive educational background is paramount to running a successful business. If you’re thinking Clover is a "cookie cutter" event planning business, particularly when it comes to weddings...think again! It is essential to learn through your experiences with your Brides and that no two brides are the same, so why would their weddings be the same? Showcasing a client’s personality is of the utmost importance in this business and to the Clover Girls. 

Step 3 - How to conquer the 3 B's

No we're not lawyers, on Wall Street or in politics but if you think about it…. having a background in these areas is an integral quality for an event planner. 

Case in point, negotiations, contracts, or infringements upon intellectual property law correspond almost identically to event planning. As professionals, it is our job to make sure our clients get what they pay for.  If a venue or a vendor is not providing or performing the agreed upon services, you need someone to set up and go to bat for you. There are plenty of elements that involve IP law when planning an event such as giving proper credit to photographers or perhaps creating a unique symbol, monogram or logo for an event.  You better make sure the item does not belong to someone else when checking on the internet, absolutely no screen shoots here!

In closing, Event Planning is all about associating yourself with the right vendors, networking, branding, image and exhibiting professionalism in front of your customers and competitors alike. So next time you are dreaming about becoming Colin Cowie, Preston Baily or hiring someone who is just your average “weekend wedding planner,”  the Clover Girls ask you to think again and make sure you have the three B's covered!