Engage!15 Nizuc ~ The REAL experience straight from the gals!

From the incredible swag, amazing location and all the fabulous people you get to spend three amazing days with Engage!15 absolutely took our breaths away. "We finally get what everyone was talking about...(light bulb moment)!" 

Let's be honest, the crowd and line up of speakers alone is a lot to take in but Kathryn Arce and Rebecca Grinnals make such a welcoming environment it is hard to stay nervous! The next thing you know you are running back to your room getting ready for another insanely chic event and all you want to do is look through your notebook, pinch yourself and say, "Umm... you're not crazy, you actually just sat and listened to the best of the best in the event planning and entrepreneurial world give you a road map of advice on how to succeed? Wait a minute, I need to make sure I take this all in before the motivation and inspiration disappear!" Lucky for us, it never disappeared... if anything the more you listened, observed and reflected on the careers of these successful geniuses - something begins to happen - pure confidence and bliss. By the end of the trip, you're taking selfies with Event World Celebrities who happen to be our idols! The best thing is...they are REAL people and they care about your questions and concerns and want to help make an impact on your business in either a small or large way. When you work together, not against, share ideas, and support each other as industry professionals, that's when the stars align and everyone wins. 

Welcome to Engage!15 

Marcy Blum, Karen Tran,  and Mindy Weiss 

Fiesta Party!

Marcy Blum in a late night chat with Stephanie Crona and Kimberly Gosselin               

Engage!15 Day Two 

Dine-A-Round and dessert Party "Black & Bling" 

ooooh wait did we forget to mention Salt N Pepa decided to drop by... No Big Deal 

Clover Girls taking a few selfies with the incredible Jeff Leathem